WHY WE Developed the Concussion Center of Charleston

Children and adults with concussions in the Low Country have generally not had access to appropriate treatment in a timely fashion and frequently have difficulty getting back to school or back to work with their normal level of function. Our office noticed a growing need for acute concussion management with stat appointments and updated patient home care recommendations.

After working in Major League Soccer and realizing the career-ending and life-altering consequences they can have, Dr. McMarlin wanted to increase the focus of his practice on concussion management. Winning Health Sports Medicine has always had a special concentration in identifying and treating sports concussions and other mild traumatic brain injuries(MTBI) but recently we have expanded the ability to evaluate and treat TBI by adding a second certified Athletic Trainer as well as an on-site physical therapist with additional training and certification in post-concussion balance and vision therapy.
My athletic trainers and I spend a full hour with the initial assessment visit to determine if someone has incurred a concussion. We test different aspects of memory, focus, concentration, balance and vision to find exactly which systems in the brain are most affected. We then educate the patient and their family on our individualized Post-concussion Rehabilitation protocol, which was developed, and is updated, based upon the most recent data on concussions/TBI from research in military medicine and sports medicine.

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WHAT DIFFERENTIATES US from other offices

Many neurologists may also identify if your patient has a balance disorder or vision disorder associated with their concussion. But our practice provides the patient a comprehensive, individualized evidence-based rehabilitation plan that manages their post-concussion symptoms as well as enables them to get back to school, work and athletics safely and more quickly. We meet with you weekly to follow your progress closely and allow for changes in your program.


Our post-concussion rehabilitation plans are individualized to each patient and include nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, and balance and vision therapy. We are also experienced in managing post-concussion intellectual deficits, gastrointestinal disruptions, sleep and mood disorders as well at the musculoskeletal injuries incurred in conjunction with their head injury. Medicinal management may also be incorporated into your recovery based on your specific needs.

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In addition to helping with balance and cognitive assessments, our athletic trainers are able to progress student-athletes and industrial-athletes through the 6-stage Berlin (2017) Post-concussion Return-to-Play protocol. This return to play protocol is required by most high school athletics and is recommended to ensure your child is fully prepared to return to sports.

Our on-site post-concussion physical therapists frequently plays a vital role in improving patients' balance and motor control to resume full function and be able to return to school and work.


We provide pre-season baseline neurologic and cognitive examinations, including ImPACT testing. This useful tool can be extremely beneficial for providing a baseline level before entering contact sports and for any future head injuries.

We coordinate with school staff to accommodate students' conditions in their initial return to academics and academic testing. We are experienced in working with Home Bound for patients needing prolonged time off school to recover.