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Tips From
the Pro.


Throughout his many years of amateur, college, and professional athletics, Dr. Andy McMarlin has learned many secrets and tips along the way that can help athletes at any level.

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  • Load up on carbs for exercises or events lasting over 1 hour

  • Get plenty of protein, but don’t overdo it (1.5grams for every 1 kilogram of body weight daily)

  • Ease up on the fats, particularly animal fats

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

  • Replace lost electrolytes


  • Stretch AFTER exercise, not before

  • Use low-intensity dynamic movements to warm up

  • Don’t overstretch

  • Don’t bounce when stretching

  • Check your technique with a coach or experienced training partner


  • Define your expectations and set a timeline of goals for the next season

  • Take it easy; resist the urge to overdo it

  • Build a base of strength and aerobic capacity

  • Do speed work year round (more frequently in-season, monthly in beginning of off-season)

  • Focus on improving your weak points


  • SLEEP!

  • The more intense or long the training session, the more rest you’ll need to recover adequately
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