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Getting You Ahead of the Game.

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Sports physicals are required for all middle school and high school sports every year. Dr. McMarlin's extensive musculoskeletal training enables him to examine his patients more thoroughly, giving athletes and parents vital information on their condition and how to have their best season yet.



Winning Health offers a pre-concussion evaluation for young athletes in any sport, including soccer, football, volleyball, and lacrosse. Our series of tests give parents vital information on their children’s baseline neurological status. This baseline is used as a reference point in the case that a concussion should occur, helping to ensure that young athletes never return to their sports too soon.



Whether it's football or soccer, softball or swimming, it pays to get a head start on your season. At Winning Health, we recommend running to help with preseason conditioning, as well as weight or resistance training. Dr. McMarlin can work with you to establish a pre-season training program, helping you condition safely and reducing the likelihood of injuries.

Here are some other great links for sport-specific training programs. 



ACL tears are among the most common injuries in active athletes. The good news is they can be easily prevented with our ACL tear-prevention training program. For young women between the ages of 11 and 16, ACL tear prevention can reduce their risk of injury by 60% and boys by approximately 40%. Meet with Dr. McMarlin to learn how to build up strength in targeted areas and avoid this common injury. 

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